Transmedia: We expect more than just a sequel

I am glad I watched this YouTube Clip below because when I first thought of and heard of transmedia I instantly thought is it just another word for multimedia because at first they kind of sounded the same to me.

In a simple way multimedia is telling the same story on multiple mediums/channels such as the example given in the clip Twilight can be found on a DVD, in a book, in the cinemas when it first came out and there are even Xbox games based on it. Transmedia is about telling multiple stories on multiple mediums/channels that fit together to tell one big pervasive story.

We as viewers now expect more that just sequels of a film, even after kids watching Frozen they immediately wanted a sequel but they also wanted shirts, quilts, books, magazines and games based off of the movie. This is definitely not a bad thing for the film industry because they can now broaden their sales and franchise into something more than just the original idea.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 4.02.37 pm.pngFavourite meme this week!

It’s about more than just selling a story now it’s about the experience and using digital technologies to immerse the consumer in the story.

Transmedia puzzle 

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 4.23.06 pm.png

“Transmedia storytelling is fully participatory. The audience becomes actively involved, elevated to social and creative collaborators”  Dr. Pamela Rutledge










One thought on “Transmedia: We expect more than just a sequel

  1. Hey Tahlia,

    You define the topic really well and quite concisely and evidently understand the concepts behind the topic, however and additional example of something related to transmedia to reiterate your understanding would have made your post even better !
    Good work 🙂


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