How far can copyright go?

The title of this blog post is exactly how I have felt about this weeks lecture. Ted mentioned something that I am not sure if it cleared things up or confused me more, he questioned whether it is alright for someone to buy a movie on DVD and then let their friend borrow it for the night to watch it or does it go against copyright laws or is it ethical because that other person has not paid to view the content?

“Copyright is a type of property that is founded on a person’s creative skill and labour. Copyright protects the form or way an idea or information is expressed, not the idea or information itself.” (Australian Gov., 2012)

It’s not a secret that piracy is still a massive thing especially for music but it is reducing dues to things like Spotify. It is almost impossible to completely stop something like that from happening because it is so main stream. I remember when I was younger they started to put the warnings on movies about how you can be prosecuted for copying the DVD and there are heavy fines and possible gaol time, but I never thought anything of it because everyone did it and I still remember thinking well they can’t fine or gaol everyone.

I guess people actually do get fined… “A federal jury on Friday ordered a Boston University graduate student who admitted illegally downloading and sharing music online to pay $675,000 to four record labels.” Denise Lavoie

And the stories keep coming… “Minnesota woman to pay $220,000 fine for 24 illegally  downloaded songs” Amanda Holpuch

It was pretty funny to read these stories even though if you were in their situation it would be horrifying, but I think when people are prosecuted like that they are using it as a scare tactic to stop others. I must admit I have stopped illegally downloading music because firstly its time consuming and secondly I don’t think it is fair to ‘steal’ an artists music. I think it comes down to peoples ethics and whether or not they believe they should pay for it. I have heard of websites before where people pay as much as they think they should pay for music albums which is and example of how it comes back to ethics.

But I think for now I will continue to question whether or not it is okay for me to let my friends borrow my DVD’s…






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