The Micro Celebrity

Before technological advancements and all of this access to media at our finger tips, ‘micro celebrities‘ never existed because they are created via things like social media.

There are many definitions of micro celebrity:

  • “One who gains a cult or mainstream following due to viral internet distribution. Does not refer to those who have gained limited or cult followings through traditional media. Does not refer to has-beens or “B-list” celebrities.” Urban Dictionary 
  • “A celebrity whose fame is relatively narrow in scope and likely to be transient”The Free Dictionary.com

Fame is no longer out of reach impossible dream due to this cultural change according to Nicky Yates article Instafame: The Rise of the Microcelebrity”.  There are all of these young people on Instagram with thousands and thousand of followers and she is just like any other person besides the fact that she has people that love her content she has on her social media page. For a lot of beauty bloggers the perks of having so many follower is that they get free products sent to them to try and pretty much review to their followers. Micro celebrities like this can be put into a category called influencers, which aren’t super famous but have a big enough following for them to get paid to review products and services and all they need to do it keep their follower commenting and liking their content.

Here is a section of a blog from another subject BCM310 (Emerging Issues in Media and Communications) called “The Self”

“Selfies have now evolved into a tool used to brand ourselves and it’s helped a lot of people to become micro celebrities .  I keep coming back to whether people present themselves online differently to how they actually are and do they do it on purpose, and do they eventually become their online persona? I believe that 90% of people think “will this photo/post get a lot of likes if I post it or will people think I am weird or like me more for posting it” because at the end of the day most people just want to be liked and so they take the opportunity to plan and think about what their online persona is going to be.” 

We brand ourselves on social media and present ourselves to our followers as this person with a perfect life, how many people actually post photos of themselves on a bad hair day or put up a status about how much you don’t want to go today. You may see this from the older generations but for us that have grown up with social media we have become very good at making our lives look great on social media.








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