Independent Autoethnography: K-Pop Music Videos

K-Pop, a word  I had heard many times while studying my media degree but until about a week ago I didn’t really know what it meant. I understood that it was a a type of music from Korea but that was about it. This lead me to the perfect topic for my independent autoethnography for BCM320 (Digital Asia). We were encouraged in class to generate ideas linking to digital Asia and topics that we knew nothing or very little about.

From Anime to online shopping in Asia there were lots of ideas thrown out but as you can probably guess K-Pop won! First thing I learnt when sharing my idea with the class was that K-Pop meant Korean popular music and the second thing was that there are a lot of genres within K-Pop.

With the field site identified the next step was to identify what data was being collected, what research was being done and how it was going to be presented. Below you will find the beginnings of this project which I will continue to blog about as it develops.

Field site (experience) determined

K-Pop will be the field site, but more specifically I will be looking into K-Pop music videos. As explained above, I am practically starting from scratch as I have VERY limited knowledge in this area. This field site may become more specific as research starts as there are many genres within K-Pop so I may decide to focus on something more specific. This will be documented so stay tuned!


Data being collected (type)

Screenshots/images of K-Pop groups and video clips will be collected to help support my findings and refections. To help set the scene especially for those readers that also have very little experience with K-Pop, I will be including clips of music videos.

Research (speculate)

The research will have a big focus on the Asian music industry, specifically the Korean music industry. Origins of the genre of music will be researched and may also touch on the fan groups of K-Pop.

DA format (communicate)

Media rich blog posts will be created to display to autoethnography in it’s final form. All of the data collected, research found and reflections will be captured into these blog posts and will help to give a full understanding of the project. The audience for the blog posts will be for those people who have no idea about K-Pop but are interested and those K-Pop fans that are interested in seeing a first timers opinions.

Ultimately I would love for the blog posts to spark conversations and bring K-Pop fanatics and K-Pop beginners together.


The next stages of the project will be to get started on fully immersing myself into the world of K-Pop. I have flicked through a few music videos already and can tell that this is going to be a new experience, so wish me luck!







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