Live tweeting experience

This week in BCM320 we live tweeted during the viewing of Gojira, 1954, which is the original Godzilla. Click here to view tweets. Having never had to live tweet or watch a black and white movie with subtitles, this was a very unique experience.

I found myself thinking more about the effect of the movie being in black and white with subtitles and how it would have been if it was in HD colour, rather than the story line. I also thought about the origins and how the movie came to be being produced.

With the little time in between tweeting and watching the film I started to take notice of other tweets from the other students watching and how their views were differing. Someone would mention something about the music and then that’s all I would start focusing on, someone else mentioned the link to the Japan’s history and then all I would do is keep realising the truth of this.

I am glad the movies storyline was already familiar so that I could keep up with it whilst also tweeting. For about the last 3rd of the movie I decided to stop tweeting as much and to closely follow the live tweeting feed, which is when I really started to appreciate the exercise we were doing because you started to get a taste of how others were perceiving the movie.

You could very clearly pick out those with a film background, those with a passion for black and white film and those with no prior information about the film. This made the re tweets and comments interesting to read. My personal background that came into play during the viewing was that I have very little film knowledge and I have never watched a Godzilla movie but I know of Godzilla. I was probably on the lower spectrum of useful knowledge for the exercise but I believe this is why I found the live tweets of others so interesting.

I did make a comment on the bad acting making the film emotionless (which is what I struggled to look past whilst watching) and about 60 seconds later had a retweet reply (now deleted) regarding how the music in the background of the film is full of emotion. And I will agree that after taking note of that, the movie did seem like there was a bit more emotion.

After the viewing I found myself trying to match the critiques made on Twitter (including mine) to other critiques online and interestingly enough there were lots similarities. Although is was a brain tiring experience it was definitely worth the results in the end.


3 thoughts on “Live tweeting experience

  1. I agree with you about the tweeting experience! I found when other people were tweeting about different things they were picking up on, I was focusing more on that too. Also having never properly experienced a black and white film or a film in subtitles I was wondering about whether the subtitle translations were accurate, and if things would give the same effect if it were in colour. I thought I was quite knowledgeable when it came to films and information about them, but after this first live tweeting experience, I learned that there were many other students with a greater knowledge of different types of film, why they were made in particular ways, and what processes were used to create different effects, music, etc.


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