Game Making Reflection

Game making is something that I have never done before and never thought I would do, so it was great to see the steps that go into creating a game and then follow those steps myself. The major thing I learnt was about the creation of game rules.

I never thought that the rule creation would be the hardest part of the game making process. It wasn’t until we started play testing that I realised how hard it is to explain to someone how to play a game using a piece of paper. What I did learn was that by giving a narrative description before explaining each rule it helps to set the scene and makes understanding the idea of the game in an easy to understand way.

Last week I finalised my rules, which you can see below. The next step before presenting the game dossier is to try to add some graphics or mock up graphics on how the game rule book would look like and also help to explain the game further.

Game Rules

Roll up, roll up, it’s time to play a game of Carnival Ducks! For only 2 gold coins a turn you must catch a little duck using your flimsy fishing rod and then turn the duck over to see whether you win gold coins or lose them, or maybe even get free turn. There are people in line to play the game so you only have 15 seconds per turn, so make it snappy. The winner throughout the game gets to hold onto the teddy bear trophy, and the person that ends up with the most coins when there are no ducks left gets to keep it, so good luck!

Game components

  • 20x mini rubber ducks
  • 4 x fishing rods
  • 1x duck pond
  • 60x gold coins
  • 1x teddy bear trophy

What’s involved in a turn:

  1. Player pays 2 gold coins to have a turn (unless that have had their first 3 mandatory turns).
  2. Use their fishing rod to pick up a fish within the 15 second time limit.
  3. If a fish is caught the player must read the bottom to see if they need to collect or give away coins or if they have any free turns.


  1. Youngest player starts first and then is goes clockwise around the circle.
  2. After the player has 3 turns they can then skip their turn if they don’t want to risk the 2 gold coins.
  3. Each player has 15 seconds to catch a duck.
  4. The teddy bear trophy sits with the person who is winning. If there are two or more people who have the same highest amount of coins the trophy sits in the middle with no one.

Set up:

  • Fill the pond with water and place the ducks in.
  • Each player must have 10 gold coins and a fishing rod to start with

To win:

  • The winner is the player with the most coins when there are no ducks left in the pond.


The other main learning I had from this subject was the idea of narrative and how it can be really important to how a game functions but it can also work without one. I found it easier to create games with narrative and ti definitely made it easier creating the game rules.

These were the 2 main learnings that I have had in BCM300 this semester although there are many more.


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