Carnival Ducks: Prototyping 2

See below for progress of the kids’ game I am prototyping, Carnival Ducks.

Game introduction:

Roll up, roll up, it’s time to play a game of Carnival Ducks! For only 2 gold coins a turn you must catch a little duck using your flimsy fishing rod and then turn the duck over to see whether you win gold coins or lose them, or maybe even get a couple of free turns. There are people in line to play the game so you only have 15 seconds per turn, so make it snappy. The winner throughout the game gets to hold onto the teddy bear trophy, and the person that ends up with the most coins when there are no ducks left gets to keep it, so good luck!


  1. Youngest player starts first and then is goes clockwise around the circle.
  2. After the player has 3 turns they can then skip their turn if they don’t want to risk the 2 gold coins.
  3. Each player has 15 seconds to catch a duck.
  4. The teddy bear trophy sits with the person who is winning. If there are two or more people who have the same highest amount of coins the trophy sits in the middle with no one.

 What’s involved in a turn:

  1. Player pays 2 gold coins to have a turn (unless that have had their first 3 mandatory turns).
  2. Use their fishing rod to pick up a fish within the 15 second time limit.
  3. If a fish is caught the player must read the bottom to see if they need to collect or give away coins or if they have any free turns.


  • Keeping track of what ducks have been caught as there are a number of negative ones, so players can decide if they want to risk having anymore turns if they need more gold coins.
  • The gold coins are a way of keeping track of scores and inevitably makes sure that there is a winner at the end.
  • The teddy trophy that sits with the person with the highest number of coins ensures that everyone can keep an eye on the person who is winning and it is always known by everyone, I can’t be hidden.

Play Testing:

  • In this weeks BCM300 class we had time to play test but because the prototype isn’t where I want it to be before play testing I spent the time explaining the game and how it functions and getting feedback from the group about it.
  • Next week I hope to have a prototyped game ready to play test effectively.




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