Prototype Game: Carnival Ducks

Carnival Ducks (working name) is a game based off of the the common game played at fairs where kids have to fish for ducks to get a prize. This kids game involves gaining gold coins to inevitably win the teddy trophy. There is a little pool filled with mini rubber ducks with magnets that are caught using fishing rods with magnets.

Each player starts of with 10 gold coins but must pay 2 gold coins for each turn. A turn consists of paying two coins and then having 20 seconds to catch a duck using a flimsy fishing rod. If the player is unsuccessful in catching a duck it goes to the next player, but if they are successful, they turn the duck over to see how many coins that have lost or gained or if they have any free turns, and then it goes to the next player.

There will be 20 ducks in total, which will be a mixture of loosing or gaining gold coins as well as free turns:

  • 2 x get 10 gold coins
  • 6 x get 7 gold coins
  • 2 x get 4 gold coins
  • 2 x lose 5 gold coins
  • 4 x lose 2 gold coins
  • 4 x have two free turns

The game recommends 4 players and will only include 4 rods as if there are more there will be less ducks to catch and would make the game too short.

Each player must have at least 3 turns of picking ducks up so that is how the game starts. Then the player has the choice of skipping their turn because they must pay 2 gold coins per turn. This adds easy strategy to the game because the player must decide whether they keep the gold coins they have or risk them to gain more. To win the game you must have the most gold coins at the end and you win the teddy bear trophy. During the game the teddy bear trophy stays with the player with the most gold coins to add a competitive level because each play wants to have the trophy and it is visible who is winning throughout the game.

What’s included in the game box and justification:

  • 20 mini rubber ducks with magnets- mimics the carnival game with rubber ducks but on a small scale. Magnets are used to connect with the rod so that they can be picked out of the water, hooks won’t be used for safety reasons. The ducks are labeled with how many gold coins or free turns are gained or lost.
  • Bowl to fill with water- so that the ducks can float around and it further mimics the carnival game that kids love but small enough to easily set up at home.
  • 4 flimsy fishing rods with magnets- makes it harder to catch the ducks so it adds risk and the magnets connect with the rods so that they can be pulled out of the water.
  • 50 plastic gold coins- used as a scoring system and are water resistant just to be safe because the game involves water.
  • Teddy bear trophy- plastic teddy bear to mimic the carnival game prizes and allows players to see who is winning at all times.
  • Timer- 20 second timer to add risk and skill to the game, as players only have a certain amount of time to catch a duck. Keeps the game from being boring as well.

Please comment any suggestions!


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