Experimental Film Project

Having never used 16mm film before I started this project off by learning about what it is, how it is used and started experimenting with both found footage and blank film. The experimenting including manipulating by either adding or taking away aspects of the film, which is when I began working with the found footage of an aeroplane taking off and landing and creating the coloured celluloid using car film.

This short 60 second film explores the theme of rhythm which is based around the movement of the views eyes which can be in the form of patterns, reception etc. Rhythm is successfully created in this silent film by the use of the same footage of the plane taking off and landing and the coloured celluloid film being repeated constantly throughout the film but in very different ways. The editing of the found footage also created rhythm by altering how it is shown including speed, repetition and showing multiple times on the one screen. The colours that come on and off the screen and change add movement to the film and can have the viewer following it.

The result of the project is a fast pace, repetitive 60 second silent film with the contrast of black and white and colour.



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