Prototyped game: Mystery Meat


The games narrative is based on each player (max 4) having their own restaurant and trying to get 5 stars first. The way to gain a star is by getting category cards for each of the 4 categories (food, employees, customers and building). There are also strategy cards which can help you speed up getting stars or slow your opponents from getting theirs. When its each players turn that can pick up either one strategy card or 2 category cards from either the ones laid out or from the pile randomly. Players can then play those cards and hopefully fill up a star because opponents can steal your category cards if they have the correct strategy card unless you have locked them in with a star. Below is a diagram of how the game will look. In the top left hand corner is the shape of the board, which will have the cards in the middle and each person has their restaurant coming off of that. Below that is the layout of each restaurant which players will be using to fill their stars and will connect to the middle board. To the right of that is what the middle board will look like (contains the cards).


Below the beginning, middle and end of the game has been identified:


Each player is allocated a restaurant (e.g. Italian, Thai, American etc.) and starts with one random stat card which will give them a head start in one of the categories (food, employees etc.). Each player also gets one strategy card.


Each player tries to fill each category on their board for their restaurant to gain stars. Players will start to use strategy cards to slow others down from gaining stars and also increase how many stars they have. Players may also start trading cards and working with each other to defeat someone else who is going well.


All the players will be close to filling their boards to gain 5 stars for the restaurants but the first person to do it will win.





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