Assessment 3: Perspective

Artist Statement:

This installation is designed to get the viewer to think about how much power perception can have and how you can use it in a creative way. This is done by making one side of the three objects the same and leaving all the others different and so as the objects spin around there will be a point where they look the exact same and then as they continue to spin, they will all look completely different in shape and colour.

The use of building blocks allowed for the objects to be shaped completely different as well gave the choice of a variety of colours. The synchronised turn tables that hold the objects highlight the difference perspective can make as the view stands still because the view is constantly changing and the images above them further reinforce this as they are still shots of the views.

Inspiration for the work came from Mel Bochner’s, 36 Photographs and 12 Diagrams artwork from 1966. This artwork shows the configuration of cubes and how they look completely different from an initial glance but if you look from certain angles they appear to all have a connection or matching side.  Hence the idea that perspective can be everything. To find out more or to view Bochner’s artwork please use the QR code below.


Mel Bochner’s, 36 Photographs and 12 Diagrams






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