The Ultimate Whistleblower


I introduce you to one of the biggest whistleblower’s that will be remembered in history, Edward Snowden. Long story short he worked for the National Security Agency in the US and leaked out some of the most top secret documents that belonged to the government. He never tried to hide his identity because he believed he was doing the right thing. He knew he was going to be punished for this but wanted to reveal what he thought were negative actions of the government.

The biggest question is that is whistleblowing worth it because does it even have the power to make a change? Was it worth for Edward to do what he did and accept the punishments?

The concern that arises from this is that if the government can’t protect themselves from problems like this occurring how do we have any chance of being protected from hackers accessing our private information and using it against us. Who will hackers/whistleblowers attack next?


One thought on “The Ultimate Whistleblower

  1. The points you have made are good, though I believe they could possibly be made clearer if you analysed the facts and information you have given, and summed it up with an opinion. I do understand what you’re saying, I just believe you could better draw in readers if you gave yourself more of a voice in this article. 🙂 I love that you have questioned the topic. More medium will be great.


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