Journalism Noise


It’s hard to imagine a world where all of the news stories come from a few major news companies whether it be digital or print, which is what it used to be like. I find it hard to imagine because by the time I was old enough to care about the news there were so many different sources and it has only increased rapidly since then. Social media is a main cause for this because everyone has a voice and a platform to share it on and as good as this is are we going too far the other way? It their too much noise in the media now and are we no longer receiving relevant news. Even the definition of news has changed, you often find late night news coming up with stories about whether kids should be going to school or getting homeschooled or some new research project or something like that, is it actual news? Why report on things that aren’t news and call it news to fill up time?


One thought on “Journalism Noise

  1. “Why report on things that aren’t news and call it news to fill up time?”
    Because people like to be distracted from the awful realities happening in the world. The media knows this and gives us what we crave… an escape from real-life but the illusion that we are knowledgable. Social media news is accessible and relevant to our personal interests and therefore we stay there, in the walled garden.


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