Apple V Android

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I live in an Apple world and I have no problem being “trapped” in it. Often people are either Apple users or Android users and a main cause of this is that the two are incompatible, they don’t work together or talk at all. As competitive as the two are the different types of users are typically just as competitive, with “reasons why one is better over the other” prepared for anytime and anywhere so that they can defend their devices.

It’s very rare you find someone with a mixture of Android and Apple, it’s just too hard to own incompatible devices. It’s getting to the point where pretty much the whole population can be identified as either Android or Apple users.

Apple has always been a leader in the industry and I trust them to deliver and they always have so I have never stopped to even think about changing to Android. Even though I can admit that Android’s are getting better I feel like they are still just trying to catch up to Apple.


2 thoughts on “Apple V Android

  1. Hi Tahlia,
    Sweet meme! That’s exactly how it feels since pretty much everyone has an iPhone/Apple laptop. I think your post could have used some more links to outside info on the topic. It’s interesting that you have no problem being trapped in an Apple world – I’m the opposite. I have a Windows laptop, but also an iPhone, despite my hatred for Apple and its unwillingness to be compatible with other brands. It was just easier for me to get an iPhone since its what all my friends have and I wanted to be compatible. It’s strange that Android is actually the most used operating system, despite the fact that everywhere you look, people are using iPhones:http://www.livemint.com/Leisure/LtAQtZUiHlkZ6Rms9MvNUI/Android-vs-iOS-What-makes-the-former-more-popular.html
    Why do you think this is?


  2. Interesting post, it’s good to hear your thoughts!

    I’m of a slightly different opinion to you. I too own Apple everything; iPhone and Macbook. However, I am under the impression that Android is actually better but I’ve grown up with Apple products and personally prefer them despite that the Android operating system is perhaps even a bit more technically advanced.

    You mention that Android’s are always trying to catch up to Apple however I find that Apple are always introducing things that companies like Samsung already had years ago (e.g. water resistant.) I think that people like you and myself are very much trapped in the Apple world, and whilst we might not have any problem with it we often have this ideology that Apple is far superior, when realistically the iOS and Android operating systems are on a relatively even playing field. The fact is that Apple products and iOS are built on the economics of elitism.


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