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IP is stolen all day everyday by lots of people who most of the time don’t even realise they are doing it. Some people don’t even mind their IP being used, which in the case of memes is mostly true because the creators of memes usually want them to go viral.

At university we have to submit our assignments most of the time through a program that gives you a percentage of copyright. IP is becoming much more strictly regulated but it will never be completely monitored because it is impossible. Whenever this topic comes up I think of when you purchase music and movies off of iTunes because I know you are not allowed to copy the files and give them away but when you buy these things are other people allowed to listen/watch and enjoy it or do they have to purchase it? When does the protection of IP stop and what is too far?




3 thoughts on “My Blog, My IP

  1. Lmaoooo meme gold!! Please can I borrow that and put an additional “I stole this from another blog post” underneath it. Pls. But also, in terms of intellectual property, have you heard anything about Creative Commons? It’s this new licencing movement going against the strengthening of copyright laws and such, by offering a new system of different options like ‘hey you can use anything at all of mine’ or ‘hey use what you want but reference my name at the bottom’ or ‘hey use what you want but only if you let others use yours too’. Their website is: https://creativecommons.org/ but I think they sum themselves up pretty well in this video: https://vimeo.com/13590841 That was the only thing I though you could have added to your post, links for me to find out more about your swell ideas! 🙂


  2. I think IP is good for internet users as they don’t become anonymous. IP address is really important to any devices users, and you IP got stolen might not be a big deal but it is. Have you heard about “deep web”? It’s the place that you don’t want your IP address to be in there. It has every illegal thing you can imagine. e.g. illegal weapons, child porn, snuff film and drugs. If some of the hacker use your IP address to access there, you may have to talk to the police.


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