Mass Content Producing


The surfer represents the development of the internet, technology and social media and the wave behind is the follow of mass produced content that has come with it.

Everyone is a content producer/editor/photographer slash slash slash! We are all masters of content producing now, whether it’s photography, blog writing, journal articles etc. Want to become good at photography, watch some YouTube videos, and want to be able to get your photos out there? Create yourself a Facebook page, a blog, an Instagram, the list goes on.

The benefit of all this content is that most of the time you are going to find the content you want when you go searching but the negative is that you may have to go through a whole lot of unnecessary content to get to it. More positives include that there is a lot more niche content available now, this content is connecting people all over the world and the ease of being able to share our content takes some of the power away from the bigger content providers like the news and magazines etc. And to me this is the biggest and best thing to have happened because we have more choice and more voices to listen to.



4 thoughts on “Mass Content Producing

  1. Nice way of putting things! Made some good points.I would argue instead of some content being ‘unnecessary’, all content is practically worthless (or free) and instead we place value on the amount of attention it receives.
    Anyway. good post.


  2. Hey Tahlia! Yo, I love the layout of your blog, super slick. That last paragraph really ties together all of the strings of the abundance economy, with the whole utopian future thing. You couldve just left it at that paragraph and it would still make your point! I know I struggle with the whole word limit thing. Or you could put a sentence over your gif like ‘me vs Reddit’ or something, or ‘me v my social media profiles’, which would explain what you’re trying to say in your first paragraph šŸ™‚ Just food for thought! Keep it up xx


  3. Very creative way in utilising the gif in relation to online content and its mass production. I agree that with the internet, everyone can become produce content, especially thanks to the multiple forms of social media that have been produced. Have a look at this article that discusses online content creation in Australia and why we should support it goo.gl/KjXJZP. Nice Job!!


  4. I really liked how you used the gif to explain the mass production of online content, it is so simply but really provides insight to the topic. This blog allows a good introduction to the mass production of online content, therefore it is very helpful to anyone needing the topic explained. All i would suggest is maybe adding a few hyperlinks throughout the post so readers can learn more about the topic without you going over the word limit! Here is an interesting article on content creation – https://www.copyblogger.com/long-live-digital-content/
    Good work! šŸ™‚


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