WEEK 4: Liquid Labour

Webp.net-gifmaker.gifInformation becomes very powerful when production is reliant on it. The whole idea of labour is strongly related to physical work but moving towards an information reliant society labour now comes in the form of information and information collecting and processing. It is now ruling our society and what we do and how we act.

Production is more productive when information is involved as informed decision can be made. Now that so much data and information is readily available to us and easy to access it is now the matter or sorting through it and finding the things most relevant to us.

In some industries there is a battle for information, especially in news related industries because they all want the most recent and interesting information. Until they receive these stories and insights they won’t start production of the magazines, newspapers etc. There is a lot more interest in the information that is new, has restricted access and is confidential because we are all curious beings and information can give people power.


2 thoughts on “WEEK 4: Liquid Labour

  1. This blog post is filled with relevant and helpful facts that really assist in understanding what you are talking about! You raise a number of valuable and interesting questions, that really provoked me to think about liquid labour in a different way. For more references, i recommend you use two different tools expecting maybe try to use a meme and a YouTube it’ll be effective and draw audiences in.
    I found this article that covers the basics of job issues and the internet: http://liquidlabor.eu
    My only suggestion would be is to use a real example that explain your example.


  2. Hi Tahlia, you have included some awesome information in this blog! There is definitely more interest in the current information that we can’t access. I am one curious being and it makes me question what is out there! One thing you could have included however, is an image or cool meme that suited your information and then it would of been 5 stars, nice job!


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