Network Society Paradigm


Space between people is no longer a factor in not being able to communicate with others since the start of the early internet and personal computer. This is where the idea of the global village rose because before the development of technology especially the Internet the geographic location of people stopped them from communicating but when communicating over the Internet it doesn’t matter if the person is next door or in a whole other country, it is the same.

The only things changing between the early internet times and now is the scale and speed, we can now send more over the internet at a quicker pace and majority of people own personal computers to access it. It’s the same type of communication but just developed to make it more useful. These networks created caused businesses to spread overseas, family to be able to connect and many more developments that wasn’t possible before.

When the internet first became big this idea of rules and parameters started because this was such a new technology people didn’t know how far to go with it, what it was and how to use it and to some degree this is still happening today. For example Google glasses have split people because yes if you can do it why not but others may say just because you can doesn’t mean you should and have many reasons to back that up.

One thing is for sure, networks will continue to grow as quickly as technology!


One thought on “Network Society Paradigm

  1. Hey, I thought this blog post was really insightful – the meme made me laugh too! It’s truly so insane how we are able to utilise the internet today and how it has lifted time and geographical limitations older technology placed on us as a society! I couldn’t imagine how we as a society would be if we still had these limitations placed on us, just the simple factors of scale and speed of the internet have changed us so much as a society. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/530566/the-impact-of-the-internet-on-society-a-global-perspective/

    I liked how you included the concept of a global village and elaborated on it a little. As these blog posts have to be short, I would recommend adding a hyperlink about the concept of a global village to allow readers to explore more about the topic! Perhaps, something like this – http://www.livinginternet.com/i/ii_mcluhan.htm

    Keep up the good work!


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