To be open or to be closed?

All media platforms can be pretty much divided into two groups, opened or closed.

Closed…“closed” system represents the old way of doing things: broadcasting from a single control point to a passive mass audience and allowing for virtually no feedback or participation.”John Proffitt



Opened…“Anyone can add content and express their ideas and opinions and the best example of this is Facebook. There is little monitoring and their aren’t too many restrictions on what can be posted.”- Me

A lot of business’ prefer a closed platform because if there is a feedback or comment section on their page in a closed platform it is usually tightly monitored and controlled. Whereas if it is the review section on their Facebook page they cannot delete or modify comments or reviews. So when choosing to go for either a closed or opened media platform it usually comes down to how much control you want over the content. As an audience we are now able to more than ever before share and create our own content instead of just receiving it from various media outlets. This is due to all of the open media platforms that have developed in recent times (which includes all of the social media platforms).

I believe we are moving towards a open media platform society but it will be along time before companies give complete control to consumers about what they post/publish content related to their business.

I found this blog post from the same topic from another BCM student which is a great read: TOUCH INTERNET EXPLORER…



Closed vs. Open: Why public media struggles with new media



2 thoughts on “To be open or to be closed?

  1. Hey, this was a very enjoyable post to read with some good facts. My only issue is with the source list at the end. I went through the sources for a bit of extra information and I found that it was hard to place each of your points to the source it was from. I was thinking if instead of having a source list at the bottom you could just hyperlink the beginning of each point with the source they came from


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