Power of Networks

Gatekeepers are a thing of the past! No longer do we have to ask for permission to publish things or present them to others (not that at my age I ever had to but you get the point) there are so man different mediums now that we as the audience have the ability to share what we want when we want.

This is the power of networks!

We have all perfected our ways in communicating through networks and gaining large audiences in some cases. My new favourite Facebook page is NSW police page and it is becoming hugely popular because of its new ‘meme team’ as I talked about in last weeks post and I never thought I would find a page like that has funny as I do but they still get their message across.

You can tell the difference between the generations who have grown up with these networks and the ones that haven’t because usually older generations don’t fully understand how to communicate on social media or via text etc. where as younger people have altered the way they talk when on things like social media to make it easier. 1nbyhv.jpg

These networks have become vital in our society as its the way we communicate and keep in contact with everyone. Networks allow things like 20 year high school reunions happen within a few clicks of a button because everyone is so connected where as before people would cross their fingers in hope that they could get into contact with everyone.


One thought on “Power of Networks

  1. hey, quite and interesting blog, i agree with how you have pointed out that our generation have perfected they way in which we communicate through networks. during another one of my lectures we talked about priestley’s paradox which states that the more people elaborate their means of communication, the less they actually communicate which i personally can see happening more and more. however i do agree that it is very helpful in getting old friends together for something like a school reunion or to just ask friends if they want to do something that day without wasting phone credit.


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