Meme Warfare

No matter what type of media you are on, TV, Facebook, Instagram etc. you have probably seen memes because they are everywhere! They are more powerful then ever before especially recently in the American election as the The Gardian.com explains “how the power of mass replication has poisoned the US election

There are so many different types of communication and it is only natural that things like memes start to develop. To me a meme is just an easy way to get a difficult message across in an easy and more light heart way. Social media is full of memes and we are now starting to see the power of them, like in article above from The Gardian because memes had the power to effect the US election.

Memes are being used in a way that I never thought they would, they are being used by authorities. If you haven’t already seen QLD and NSW police Facebook page, they are both definitely worth a look. NSW police even hired a team to develop memes. And I can tel you first hand that they are working because never would I have liked NSW police’s Facebook page before but it is genuinely funny but still get important messages across.Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 9.58.42 am.png

This Soundcloud talks about the extent that memes have taken over political discourse. It’s definitely worth the time to listen as there is a bit of a debate and interesting to hear peoples opinions.




3 thoughts on “Meme Warfare

  1. This was a very informative post. I like how you incorporated your personal views into the blog post and related with readers through relevant examples that everyone would come across.
    In terms of constructive criticism, an idea could be to provide a definition of memes from a dictionary just to give an all around info base. Another point could be to explain how memes impacted the US election.
    Overall, I enjoyed reading your post!


  2. Hey Tahlia,

    I think the NSW police force page is one of and if not the best example of the power of memes and the effectiveness of using them as a frame for issues that would otherwise be difficult to engage an audience with. You’re blog post is entertaining and delivers engaging information. I’m glad you have referenced your sources as I would like to explore more about this topic. For this reason, I think it would be effective to add a small description elaborating on “how the power of mass replication has poisoned the US election” in the first paragraph and also a hyperlink to the Soundcloud podcast you mentioned in the last paragraph so people can click on it as they read it.


  3. Hey tahlia,
    Great examples of memes being put into use by the government, the NSW police is a perfect example of this, you clearly outline the extent of how important memes are in our generation. Overall a good blog which was interesting all throughout, but a tip I’d suggest would be to embed the soundcloud podcast into the blog, making it easier for viewers to listen to the podcast. Great work.


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