Trajectories of convergence I

We have been given the power to influence the media and what we see. We are the creators of news now, we get to see the raw facts now and make and share our own interpretations and we no longer have to rely on the interpretation others. There are so many news sources now that we can cross check all of stories and we don’t just have to trust one source. 1mr2k2

In this modern day society we are going to be exposed to fake news all the time because of how easy it is for people/companies to share things but because of this we as a society especially who have always had technology in our lives know how to determine what is right and what is wrong and as I mentioned above there are so many sources that you can cross check all the facts. But how far does fake new go? If the story is real and the facts are real but it is chopped and edited to make it more interesting for the viewer is it fake news?

Leihan Zhang’s article “Who creates Trends in Online Social Media: The Crowd or Opinion Leaders?” goes into about the power of memes and other things on social media that allows this power change for opinion leaders and the owners of major media outlets to the crowd, the audience, US!

The most important thing to come out of this new developing power we have in the media as the audience is to make sure we use it in a positive way and no abuse it.




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