The Craft of The Glitch

I never understood the whole idea of glitching and to be honest I didn’t think it was done on purpose because before week 4’s lecture, to me it was just a glitch and that was the end of it. But now I know how big of a thing it is and how powerful it can be and it can be done on purpose.

The glitch of the medium is the message.

url.jpg 1015569517811 url-1

Before to create a glitch artists use to have to create errors in the image by editing tiny portions of the coding (Souppouris, 2013) but now it’s become easier. You can now just google glitch art generator and there are a load of websites that come up where you upload your photo and then edit how big you want the glitch to be and where you want it etc.

Mallika Roy says that “although glitches are more often than not met with impatience or annoyance, a growing number of artists are aestheticizing errors from digital or analog sources” and then she goes on to explain about the glitch art movement which is occurring right now and how significant it is becoming. She brought up a question which perfectly explains how I feel towards the topic, how much do we control our technology, and how much does it control us? To me glitch art is taking back the control from technology and to me that is the message of the medium and that is the link between the two. Yes technology sometimes has glitches/bugs and it’s annoying but maybe we want them and maybe we can use them to send a message… Well thats my interpretation anyways on the topic.



When you are sitting in the lecture acting as if you know what glitch art is and its meaning…

Don’t worry I have it now!

Glitching is a Craft

We talked about craft in the lecture and what craft means. Merrium- Webster defines it as “skill in planning, making, or executing” meaning craft can be a lot more than people think. Gifs are a craft, glitching is a craft, anything that is pretty much created by humans is a craft and involves some kind of craftsmanship.








3 thoughts on “The Craft of The Glitch

  1. On the topic of technological art we are beginning to see an emergence of contemporary glitch art due to the ‘retro’ feel to the object, rather than producing art through programs such as flash.

    According to McKay (http://www.artandeducation.net/paper/the-affect-of-animated-gifs-tom-moody-petra-cortright-lorna-mills/) this movement is a reflection of democratic use of online resources, additionally the retro feel illustrates an anti-establishment sentiment (even though corporations have now utilised GIFS for commercial use).


  2. Hi! I thought this blog post was really helpful as you provided websites that creates glitches as well as including a quote that suggests how significant glitch art is becoming! You got the message out as well as including your interpretation on the topic! I really enjoyed the glitch art you inserted in this post! For me, the images could be a bit bigger cause it was hard to see, (for me at least but I’m lowkey blind) but other then that it was very coherent and I also like how you included references in case anyone wanted to further research this topic! 🙂


  3. Tahlia! You’ve definitely written something very interesting and compelling to read. The detail you have have gone into in explaining the concept of ‘glitch art’ is excellent. You clearly understand the idea very well, and youve definitely helped me gain a more thorough understanding of it too. However, I would suggest only to improve on various grammatical errors throughout the post.
    I also want that dog in your gif. 🙂


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