The Self

Who defines you? Friends? Family? You?

This is one thing I left asking myself after leaving BCM310 week 2 lecture because I honestly don’t have a clue. Obviously I want to define who I am but surely everyone around me shapes my identity in some way.

I always wandered about how much control we actually have to shape how the people around us see us, do we have the power to change that? This is where i think people with large followings on social media have the upper hand because they can strategize and plan what the public sees in relation to them and their appearance. But I also think that they still don’t have complete control because what they put out via their social media accounts can be perceived the wrong way which can alter their thoughts on the person.

Facebook Famous :O

Personally I know a girl who I originally found out about via her heavily followed Facebook page and in a few short words she looked perfect, confident and strong and I didn’t even think for a second that the way she is perceived on her Facebook page would be any different to her in real life. Well this all changed when I met her one day by accident through mutual friends and although still very beautiful she is actually quite shy in social situations and didn’t speak a whole lot. This got me thinking about other Facebook famous and Insta Famous people that I had seen and even celebrities on social media, are we actually seeing the true person or are we seeing them the exact way that they want to be seen?


Like any new phase/fad the selfie can be seen as both positive and negative, in my eyes it is positive. I think this is simply because why not capture yourself and create those memories you can come back to in years to come (whether you cringe at them or not). Have the confidence to capture yourself and share it with whoever you like, but then on the other hand don’t get caught up in things like who have the better selfie or how to take the ‘perfect’ selfie.

Do we just want to be liked?

88_facebook_like_button_big     Botón_Me_gusta.svga30ce5e02e08c79cafc0121d96eb29be_johnsburg-public-library-like-us-on-facebook-clipart_992-378   facebook-like-1Facebook-like LikeUsOnFacebook_Icon(1)

Selfies have now evolved into a tool used to brand ourselves and it’s helped a lot of people become micro celebrities .  I keep coming back to do people present themselves online differently to how they actually are and do they do it on purpose, and do they eventually become their online persona? I believe that 90% of people think will this photo/post get a lot of likes if I post it or will people think I am weird or like me more for posting it because at the end of the day most people just want to be liked and so they take the opportunity to plan and think about what their online persona is going to be.

My simple thoughts on all of this stress based around the self and peoples identities is why try so hard to impress others so much when they are probably doing the exact same thing. If we all just became care free about it then is wouldn’t a problem at all.

But still the question I am left with is, is it our choice whether or not we can choose how and how shapes our identity or it it out of our control?


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