The Other

This weeks lecture about ‘The Other’ was quite confronting but in a way that made me think so much about everything that was being said or shown. I question myself now about whether it is right to share photos/videos of people suffering, is it just plain wrong or is it actually helping us to think about a serious issue. This is quite a difficult question because the is no right or wrong answer because no matter what happens there will be people that disagree so it is the publishers duty to call on their own morals and knowledge and determine the right action. Due to developments in technology especially the internet we have all become publishers, I am publishing this post after I finish it so I am a publisher, if you comment on the post you will be a publisher or if you have ever put a status on Facebook or posted a photo of Instagram or shared something, you are a publisher. So this has become an issue because almost anyone has the power to now decide what they think should be shared and what shouldn’t be shared.

For example if a video went around of a husband beating his wife, some may share it in the hope that it will shock the viewer into helping make a stand against violence against women and that it will create a movement and show everyone that it is happening and not just leaving it behind closed doors. But others may go against that and say how is it fair to share a video of a women in her most vulnerable state, she is helpless and she will probably struggle for the rest of her life because of that moment and now everyone is just viewing it online. Both types of people have their reasonings but are any of them right?

Because I believe that it is all based around opinions I wanted to share my opinion on what I think was a great and respectful way of sharing the news of a tragic story that was recorded on video.Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 12.10.35 pm

We talked about it in the lecture, it is based around the front page a newspaper that s pictured to the right. Instead of showing a screenshot of the video or even a photo of the man that has tragically passed away they identified and said what has happened but it’s all about respecting the man and his family and friends, there is no need to see the video or photos of the video’s to see how horrible the situation is. And if people need the video footage of the mans death to feel sympathy or even empathise well then there is definitely soemthing wrong with how they see life and they shouldn’t be able to witness the last few moments of this mans life.

As viewers do we do what the publisher wants us to do? For example in the example above it is obvious that the publishers intention is to respect the man that has passed about but and think about the loss that is being experienced rather then all of the attention being about this video of a man being killed. A lot of people probably do exactly that but there may be others that haven’t heard of the video yet and now want to go see it because they don’t want to miss out on what everyone is talking about it or some might find it disrespectful that they haven’t even shown a photo of the mans face which is what a typical article would have.

So this idea of the other isn’t just constrained by being a person, it can include the question of what is right and what is wrong and the whole idea that no one knows but it is still always there and it is always on peoples mind.


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