Attention Span: BCM240 · BCM240

2. Attention Span- Primary Research (1)

The video bellow shows the comparison of 4 people, 2 who are around 20 years old and 2 who are around 50 years old and the amount of times they got distracted when watching a TV show. The observations were taken when they were watching a show that all 4 of them watch every time its on and they all like it equally. It occurred during a time that is similar to every other time they watch it, there wasn’t really anything that made it different to any other night and they didn’t know what the observations were about until it was over.

Things recorded included:

  • Looking or being on phone
  • Starting to talk about things other than the show
  • Walking away from the TV for a bit
  • Other distractions or things that caused their attention to move away from the show

By adding the 2 people from the older ager group together and then adding the 2 younger people from the younger age group together, the number of times distracted for the younger participants is a lot higher than the older ones. This was mostly due to the younger participants being on their phones for a lot of the time.

Additional Research

Just as another little bit of primary research while watching the show that I found interesting was that I asked questions about things that had already happened in the show to see the quality of attention being placed on the show. Out of the 4 questions I asked, 3 of them were answered by the 2 people over 50 and the other one was answered by the person aged 20.


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