Exercise Log

CHALLENGE: This semester at uni I am being challenged to change one of my social behaviours and so I thought it would be a great opportunity to get back to going to the gym at least 2-3 times a week. I will regularly update this blog about my experiences and thoughts and at the end of the semester we will find out whether I will still be creating excuses not to go to the gym or whether I can get myself back into a good workout routine.

Date: 7th August 2016

The day before my challenge starts and I am already thinking of all the excuses I can use to get out of going to the gym this week, but this time I am going to get past it… hopefully. Wish me luck!

Date: 14th August 2016  

After this weeks workouts I am trying to look at the positives of the gym because yes it sucks to actually make the effort to go to the gym and do the workout but I feel great afterwards. I managed to do an hour workout on Monday and Wednesday morning before work and a 45 minute workout on Friday after work (gave myself an early mark). I have decided to use an app to create my workouts and record when I complete them, so tonight I created a workout that I also just completed and I will use this week aswell and see if it helps. Week one has been a success!

Date: 21st August 2016

My motivation started off slow this week and as a result so did my workouts, but I still managed to squeeze in three workouts at the end of the week. I decided to create another workout so that I can alternate between the two and keep it a little bit more interesting. I am still finding it hard to get up and go especially if I only have time in the afternoon because I am usually exhausted. Hopefully I start to get into a bit more of a routine because between work, uni and my social life its hard to mind the motivation, time and energy to fit in a workout.


Date: 28th August 2016

This week I have been very proud of my self because I didn’t think that I would be able to complete two, let alone three workouts because I went away on Thursday and was away for the rest of the week. I managed to go to the gym twice before I left which didn’t take much motivation because I knew that I would be going away, and then I managed to do a little workout when I was away which made me feel really good. So this week has been a success and I am feeling really positive about my behaviour change.


Date: 4th September 2016

This week hasn’t gone to plan at all, I only managed to get to the gym once and I was so tired that it wasn’t even that good of a workout. With the amount of uni assignments and family events that I have had this week I could barley find the time to sit down and take a breath let alone go to the gym. I also noticed that because I didn’t get to do much fitness this week and the stress that I have been experiencing I haven’t been making the healthiest food choices which is making me feel negatively about how I am going to finish this behavioural challenge and whether it will actually make a difference. Hopefully next week I find sometime to get back on track with my exercise. Wish me luck!


Date:11th September 2016

This week was very similar to last week as I have still been flat out with work and uni work. I only went to the gym on Thursday but I did manage to go for a walk twice this week after dinner because mum does it every night and I though why not try it and it did make it easier having someone to motivate me to exercise. I wish I did have more time to go to the gym because it does make me feel better but the schedule is just crazy at the moment. I guess that I am just going to have to keep trying.

Date: 18th September 2016

This week I have been on a walk three times with my mum after dinner which was good because I did only get a chance to go the gym once but I also ended up walking my dog on Saturday so this week has been a lot more positive than the past couple. I am still eating healthier because it makes me feel better when I don’t get to go to the gym as much as I would like because I know I am still doing something good for my body because I tend to get into moods where I stop caring and just eat what I want. I am going to do some research into at home workouts this week to see if there are any workouts that I can do at home which would be just as good as going to the gym.

Date: 25th September 2016

Definitely an improvement from the past few weeks, I have managed to get to the gym twice and I am feeling a lot more positive about my behavioural change because I feel like I am back on track. I was able to get to the gym more this week because I have had more time with uni work being less full on because uni recess week starts this coming week. I was less anxious about getting my uni work done because I had more time, so I didn’t feel guilty for going to the gym so this week was really good. Glad to be back on track!14470942_1142457859166749_1726357874_n

Date: 2nd October 2016

This week was another successful one, even though I was still super busy with uni work I managed to get 3 work outs done because I didn’t have anything planned for my weekend which gave me more time. It has definitely become a lot easier for me motivational wise because I hate the feeling when I don’t go to the gym. The aim from now on is to just keeping doing what I have been doing.14625355_1156861554393046_171267669_n

Date: 9th October 2016

I started this week off really strong because I knew that I had a busy weekend coming up and probably wouldn’t get time to go then. I think it helped that I planned my workouts at the beginning of the week and set for goals, so I knew what I had to do to be happy with myself at the end of the week.





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