Attention Span: BCM240 · BCM240

1. Attention Span- Preliminary Proposal

The topic I am going to be researching is the comparison of attention spans of younger generations versus older generations. With the younger generations being surrounded by so much new and innovative technologies it will be interesting to find out whether it has affected their attention spans in anyway. It is often that I sit in front of the TV while I am on my phone while also doing something on my laptop, which is why it has sparked my interest in whether this is because of a short attention span because my parents can both happily sit watching the TV without getting distracted and even though the ads!

I want to d a series of attentions span tests on a variety of people at different ages and then compare the collected data. I am also thinking of either completing a focus group or a series of interviews to get more insights on the topic. Once I get all of this primary research data analysed I want to compare it to second research so that I can back up my research and see if I can find more in-depth reasons as to my the data I have found is the way it is. For example if I find out that younger people have shorter attention spans I want to find out if there is a link to the use of technologies and growing up around stimulating gadgets and not being about to concentrate for long periods of time.

I will be completing the research on my own but as I suggested above I will be discussing my finding with others and getting their input so that I am exploring further than just my own mind and interpretation of the findings. I find it interesting to compare different research together and get the views of others on it because two people may read the same paragraph and interpret it completely different and I think that it is important to justify and explain as many interpretations as possible to help see the bigger picture.

My blog will be used as my main source of presenting what I find but I will also be sharing some of my key blogs on Twitter. I will use my blog to post weekly about my research and progress, but I will also use it to explore other blog posts from other BCM240 students who may be doing similar topics to get further insights and interpretations of their findings. For my primary research I want to conduct a survey so more than likely I will be using survey monkey because it is a good way to collaborate and evaluate the results. I am also thinking of going into more detail with a few people by conducting some interviews, which I have never done before so it should be interesting to see what I find.


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