My Experience of Going to the Cinema

There are many positives and negatives of going to the cinemas to see a movie and I personally have had some very interesting and annoying experiences over the years and this blog post is about my experiences with going to the movies.

I like to go watch movies that have only just been released because there are heaps of session times which is really convenient but I wait a little while because there is nothing worse than a full cinema. In funny movies I hate when people over laugh or laugh too loud, in horror movies it’s the worst when young teens scream as loud as they can and in sad movies it’s hard to focus on the story line when the person behind you is sobbing uncontrollably.

If I owned a cinema my rules would be:

  • No talking when the movie starts
  • No snoring
  • Phones switched off or on silent
  • No obnoxiously loud foods to be eaten e.g. chips
  • Don’t sit next someone if there are plenty of other seats around
  • Don’t place your feet on the back of other people’s seats
  • No excessive PA (handholding is okay)
  • No smelly food
  • No excessive laughing, crying or screaming

This is only the start of the long list of things people do at the cinemas that makes me want to avoid any situation where a cinema may be crowded.

Usually when I go to the movies I go because there is a movie I want to see, it is very rare for me to decide to go to the movies and then just decide on what movie I want to see the most.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I went against this when my friend and I went to dinner and just randomly decided to go to the movies afterwards and just chose a movie that sounded alright not that we did very much research. We went and saw ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ and it wasn’t until we walked in to a crowded cinema full of women in their 40’s – 50’s that we realised that this probably wasn’t the movie for us. Every time the whole cinema filled with laughter (which was way too often) my friend and I wouldn’t laugh at the joke because we didn’t understand it but we would laugh about how loud everyone else was laughing and how if the joke was that funny to everyone else why didn’t we understand it. We walked out of the movie very bored but just laughing about what we had just experienced, we were definitely the youngest there and probably the only people that didn’t realise that the movie was based off of a TV series. So overall I would call this a failed cinema visit because I was left thinking that it was a waste of time and money and I could have been in bed a lot earlier than I was.

For this weeks challenge I have used Hagerstrand’s theory where he identifies three human constraints that affect how we managed the logistics of travel to a particular place at a certain time as described by Miller, H.. The first being capability meaning am I able to get there and the answer is yes because I have my license so I could drive to the movies and the cinema was right next to where we had dinner. The second constraint is coupling (being able to get there at the right time) which was easy because we just told our waiter at the restaurant we were having dinner and that we needed to be out of there at a certain time to get to our movie and it was only a 5meter walk from the restaurant to the cinema. The third and last constraint Hagerstrand talks about is authority (meaning am I allowed there?) which wasn’t a problem because I am old enough to be able to go where I want and I am over 15 so I could watch the movie which was MA15+.

So overall the moral of the story is that I am going to stick to going to movies that I am interested in seeing and know what they are about and to only go see them out of peak time because that’s what is takes for me to have a positive and enjoyable experience at the cinema.



Miller, H. (2004) ‘A Measurement Theory for Time Geography’ Viewed 30th August 2016 <http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1538-4632.2005.00575.x/full>


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