First Memories of TV… 1960’s

This week I got the chance to interview my mum about her first experiences with TV and got to broaden my knowledge of what TV was like for her when she was young to more than just it was black and white.

Until this weeks BCM240 lecture I had no idea when TV’s became a norm for people to have in their homes, I didn’t know whether my mum grew up with it or it came later on in her childhood. After the interview with my mum I now know a lot more about what people her age would have experienced when it came to TV.

My mums first memories of watching TV at home was being in her lounge room at night time sitting on the floor next to her sister watching a show like the Brady Bunch. The TV was more of a piece of furniture compared to these days were TV’s are showcased in houses.

When it came to the rules for watching TV it reminded me of when I was little, so no watching TV after a certain time because either the shows were for adults or it meant bedtime. It was funny to realise that even though there has been so much development when it comes to TV’s and what they are able to do now, there are still these kind of ground rules that were present 40 years ago.

The_Brady_Bunch_Movie_opening_screenshotThe first show she remembers watching was the Brady Bunch and this shows that TV for her was definitely used for entertainment and she even said so herself, she watched TV for fun and she loved sitting watching TV spending time with her sister. Even though when she was growing up TV’s were everywhere and she never remembered not having one, there was still a big milestone for TV’s that she remembers when she was about 7 or 8. She went over her friends house one day and she witnessed one of the biggest advancements in TV, her friends TV had more than just black or white… it was COLOURED! Eventually over time like having a TV in your home, coloured TV became a norm and not only did my mums friend have a coloured TV, my mums family did and so did a lot of people.

a0c4672eeaa36210da43dd5b2cf06c2cAll this talk of coloured TV made me want to find out more about how it came around. Geno Jezek in his article on”The History of Color Television” explains that after the Second World War black and white TV was seen as old so CBS started creating TV’s with colour and started broadcasting programs in colours. Even though that is put into really simple terms that is how colour TV kind of started, but it took a while to become popular because there weren’t a lot of programs to begin with that were coloured so people didn’t want to go buy a new coloured TV if they still had to watch a lot of shows in black and white. This could explain why mum didn’t have a coloured TV right from when it was released and that only a few people had them.

Throughout the 1960’s-1970’s around the time when my mum was growing up it was interesting to find out that during this time there was a huge increase of TV networks, stvweek_081262o this meant there were heaps of different options of shows to watch. TV was becoming seriously mainstream as explained by the “1960-169 timeline” at Television.com, there were all these new jobs arising and entertainment was becoming better and better due to competition and viewers were really starting to get their moneys worth from their TV’s. TV was really becoming apart of society, there were even magazines such as “TV Week” that emerged in 1962 and are still around today, which is just another example of how TV has come along way but in many ways hasn’t changed a lot. The development of TV’s not only meant that the quality of entertainment was getting better it meant that there were more jobs available and different kinds of careers that started and this idea of the media was about to get a whole lot bigger.

After this weeks experience I am glad that I was challenged to interview my mum about her experience with TV, it made me want to do more research and it was great to compare all the similarities and differences that TV played in her life and in mine 30 years later.

Image Source: bradybunch.wikia.com


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