What is Media Space to me?

Technology allows us to not only be in the physical environment we are in but also places all over the world. I might be sitting in a lecture at UOW but be talking to a cousin living in Europe over Facebook and messaging my friend that’s in the lecture theatre next to the one I am in. Media space connects people and isn’t affected by physical space but just by the medium people are using to connect, meaning the form of media whether it is social media, video conferencing or messaging etc. Media space can be reached by using a form of media to communicate with other people, so the user affects how big the ‘media space is’ because it could be as far as the next room or to the other side of the world.

When I think of media space I start to think about all the different connections I have made using media, especially social media. I think of things like the big inbox I have with all of my friends using Facebook’s messgener and how that allows us to all stay in contact and how hard it would be to talk to all of them and stay as close as we are without it. I think about how bizday globe 2010arre it is that I could message my cousin who lived overseas using Facebook and it would be just as easy as messaging my sister who is in the room next to me. In a way we all have our own little media space communities because we all use it for different purposes to talk to different people and it is becoming more common to communicate more in media space than in the real world.

Media space has definitely developed in the past 10 years at a very rapid pace and through the development of technology it allows media space to become bigger, better and more efficient. Exciting times are still ahead for media space!

There are so many elements of my life that are surrounded by media space, I connect with friends and family through it and I can see photos of things that they have done and stay up to date with what they are doing, a lot of my uni work is shared using social media and blogging sites and I use my smartphone all the time for so many purposes but mainly communicating. So I believe as we grow and change our own little media space grows and changes with us.

Image source: www.activetoys.co.uk

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