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Research Project Summary

Over the past 5 years or so there has been a huge increase in the role social media sites have played in society, it is more than likely that if you were to ask someone 30 years old or younger if they have at least one social media account they would say yes. But what sparked this curiosity for this research project was the lack of knowledge that social media users have of the terms and conditions that sites like Facebook and Instagram have.

The research question is ‘How many people know what is contained in the terms and conditions of social media sites that they are signed up for?’. The research will be particularly based around Facebook and Instagram, as they are a couple of the most popular social media sites. The aim of this research is to get an insight of what social media users know about what they agreed to when they signed up to these sites.

What was evaluated to be the best method of primary research was a survey that will be conducted on Communication and Media students. This is because a survey can collect quantitative data as well as the thoughts and opinions of the survey participants. As it will be completed by a whole class of BCM students there will be enough results to be able to come up with fairly accurate assumptions.

After successfully completing the survey there were 21 participants and it was found that majority of them new that there was more to the terms and conditions of Facebook and Instagram than they new but they weren’t sure what it was or the severity of it.


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