It has surrounded us since we were young, the idea of exploring and looking deeper into the unknown. Whether it was when we were little and we were seeing what playdough tasted like or now when we research new concepts or ideas at university or work. It is when we explore the unknown that we not only can find what we are looking for but also learn about the unexpected and that is what makes curiosity so exciting.

Donald Lathumahina explains in his article  “4 Reasons Why Curiosity is Important and How to Develop It” on http://www.lifehack.com.au, explains how curiosity is important. He starts off with saying it makes your mind active instead of passive and questions, that without curiosity how many great ideas would be missed? Life wouldn’t be as exciting without curiosity and people wouldn’t be as observant of the world the world around them if it wasn’t there.

In simple terms curiosity makes the world a better place and people will always be surrounded by it and that won’t change because it is apart of being human.





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