International Media and Communication

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123Globalisation makes the world feel smaller in simple terms. The world according to space.com is 509 million square kilometres and globalisation makes it seem like a small ‘Global Village’ when it comes to connecting and communicating with others.

Globalization is `best considered a complex set of interacting and often countervailing human, material and symbolic ̄ows that lead to diverse, heterogeneous cultural positionings and practices which persistently and variously modify established vectors of social, political and cultural power’ (Lull, 1995: 150)

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  • Increasing cultural diversity in countries that before mainly contained and accepted only one culture.
  • Acceptance of different cultures and religions and their traditions
  • More people are travelling and seeing the world around them and not just their own country.
  • Better technology is being created everyday because there is an increasing demand for more improved ways to communicate with others that aren’t physically near.
  • Increased global markets for companies.
  • Globalisation has made it easy to send messages across the world

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  • Peoples main mean of communication is changing, going from meeting up with someone to talk and going to the effort to see them face to face, to just logging in online to social media to talk to them, for example.
  • There is an intrusion of the western culture throughout the world, causing the loss of some cultures in countries. (Americanisation

It is characterised by a worldwide increase in interdependence, interactivity, interconnectedness, and the virtually instantaneous exchange of information. (O’Shaughnessy and Stadler, 458).

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  • As stated earlier, there is this idea of the world being a ‘global village’ meaning that even though we may not be physically close, through things such as technology the world feels quite close, almost the size of a village
  • This is very much a Utopian view because it doesn’t focus on or identify any negatives about globalisation.

The image below identifies the affect of Americanisation in a very negative way, being a dystopian view.

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Through how close the world is becoming cultures are changing dramatically because they are being influenced by other cultures, and this is were the term Americanisation comes from because the western culture is continuing to affect all cultures, whether it is music, food, clothes etc..

But it is not just the western culture now, other cultures are starting to have an effect now, for example Bollywood movies, Japanese anime and Bhangra music songs are very evident in countries such as Australia and America.

Whether anyone likes it or not though Globalisation is happening and isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

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